We showcase the high-quality products we offer for your balustrading needs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in each of our carefully designed and rigorously tested products, ensuring both safety and aesthetic appeal.

Balustrade Rail

Our Balustrade Rail system is a premium choice for modern, stylish, and safe balustrading solutions. Key features include: - Easy Installation: No scaffolding needed. - Clean Look: No grouting or cement. - Easy Removal: Simplifies changes. - Built-in Drainage: Prevents water buildup. - International Standards: Tested and approved. - Versatile: For 12mm to 31.52mm glass. - Slimline Design: Maximizes deck space. - Low Maintenance: Durable and easy care. - Certified Quality: CE-marked, BS 6180, BS EN 1090-1 and 3 (EXC 3).

Side Mount Fittings

Our side mount fittings offer a robust and secure solution for mounting balustrades to the side of structures. These fittings are designed for both durability and aesthetic appeal, ensuring your balustrades are both strong and stylish.


Our spigots provide a minimalist and modern solution for balustrade installations. Made from high-quality materials, they offer excellent support and a clean, contemporary look.


Complete your balustrade system with our elegant handrails. Designed to complement our balustrade rails, our handrails provide additional safety and a polished finish to your installation.

Further information

For more detailed information and to see examples of our products in real-world applications, please visit our Gallery section. Here, you can explore our diverse range of projects and get inspired by the possibilities our products can offer.