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Next Level Balustrading supplies international imported balustrading systems . Providing all your balustrade solutions and needs. Our passion is fueled by ensuring that all Regulations are adhered to in the event of a balustrade being installed. Too many times it has become apparent that short cuts are taken compromising projects, safety and quality. At Next Level we strive to supply builders, architects, developers, installers, interior designers and home owners with a product that is designed aesthetically with quality and compliance in mind. 

Next Level Balustrading prides itself on the design and innovation of an extensive range of high end frameless glass balustrade products. Our core focus is to create aesthetically pleasing ,functional and safety requirements to our clients. Our designs inspired by the latest international fashions and trends, to keep our clients on the cutting edge. Our extensive range of frameless balustrade fittings are flexible, cost effective, quality and unique designs.

Balustrade Rail

We have a huge variety on balustrade rail designs to suit any site requirements. All test done too give the consumer peace of mind for our Safety Barriers.

Product Range

Side Mount Fittings

We supply point fixings with all type of finishes

Product Range


We have the spigots you are looking for. From standard spigots to spigots with LED lights

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Handrails to suit and strengthen your balustrades

Product Range

Smooth AR

ONLEVEL - Next level. SMOOTH AR railings are a range innovative railing systems designed to be fully modular. The pre-assembled aluminium posts have a stunning satin anodised finish and are available in square profiles ready to install. Fully engineered to meet the requirements of most applications, the systems can be installed with or without a top rail to provide an economical solution for a post and glass panel design. Each system can be fully fitted using basic equipment.

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The System of Invisibility. Once again ONLEVEL sets innovative trends with the SKYFORCE fall protection for French balconies. It is the first practically invisible system application. But what is even better: It is the best and most cost-effective system application on the market. There is no system which can be mounted easier and quicker. This saves you unnecessary frustration and gives you valuable additional time and profit potential. We have consistently implemented both the quick and easy installation as well as the classical and timeless design. The fall protection can be easily installed behind the shutter guide rails with simple tools. As a matter of course, SKYFORCE is also compatible with any window profile: Thanks to our unrivalled and predestined Slide & Click Technique, the system can be mounted directly onto the window frame or masonry. Best of all, you can cover all glass thicknesses, heights and widths with only one profile.

Product Range

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Marius Venter

Managing Director and Owner

Marius Venter has over 17 Years experience in the frameless industry. He spent 6 years in the UK learning his trade and has done his qualifications through GQA (Glass Qualification authority) He returned back to South Africa to work with some of the market leading glass and aluminium companies in Cape Town.

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