About Next Level
Next Level Balustrading supplies international, imported, and local balustrading systems. Providing all your balustrade solutions and needs. Our passion is fueled by ensuring that all regulations are adhered to in the event of a balustrade being installed. Too many times, it has become apparent that short cuts are taken, compromising projects, safety and quality.

At Next Level, we strive to supply builders, architects, developers, installers, interior designers, and homeowners with a product that is designed aesthetically with quality and compliance in mind.

Our core focus is to create aesthetically pleasing, functional, and safety requirements to our clients. Our designs are inspired by the latest international fashions and trends, to keep our clients on the cutting edge. Our extensive range of frameless balustrade fittings is flexible, cost-effective, of high quality, and has unique designs.

Next Level Balustrading prides itself on the design and innovation of an extensive range of high end frameless glass balustrade products.