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About Next Level
Next Level Balustrading supplies international, imported, and local balustrading systems. Providing all your balustrade solutions and needs. Our passion is fueled by ensuring that all regulations are adhered to in the event of a balustrade being installed. Too many times, it has become apparent that short cuts are taken, compromising projects, safety and quality.

At Next Level, we strive to supply builders, architects, developers, installers, interior designers, and homeowners with a product that is designed aesthetically with quality and compliance in mind.

Our core focus is to create aesthetically pleasing, functional, and safety requirements to our clients. Our designs are inspired by the latest international fashions and trends, to keep our clients on the cutting edge. Our extensive range of frameless balustrade fittings is flexible, cost-effective, of high quality, and has unique designs.

Next Level Balustrading prides itself on the design and innovation of an extensive range of high end frameless glass balustrade products.

Frameless Balustrade Installations

With our frameless balustrade installations, you can create a seamless and open feel in your home or commercial space, enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Supplying Frameless Balustrade Hardware

We offer a comprehensive range of frameless balustrade hardware to meet your specific project requirements.

We showcase the high-quality products we offer for your balustrading needs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in each of our carefully designed and rigorously tested products, ensuring both safety and aesthetic appeal.

Balustrade Rail

Our Balustrade Rail system is a premium choice for modern, stylish, and safe balustrading solutions. Key features include: - Easy Installation: No scaffolding needed. - Clean Look: No grouting or cement. - Easy Removal: Simplifies changes. - Built-in Drainage: Prevents water buildup. - International Standards: Tested and approved. - Versatile: For 12mm to 31.52mm glass. - Slimline Design: Maximizes deck space. - Low Maintenance: Durable and easy care. - Certified Quality: CE-marked, BS 6180, BS EN 1090-1 and 3 (EXC 3).

Side Mount Fittings

Our side mount fittings offer a robust and secure solution for mounting balustrades to the side of structures. These fittings are designed for both durability and aesthetic appeal, ensuring your balustrades are both strong and stylish.


Our spigots provide a minimalist and modern solution for balustrade installations. Made from high-quality materials, they offer excellent support and a clean, contemporary look.


Complete your balustrade system with our elegant handrails. Designed to complement our balustrade rails, our handrails provide additional safety and a polished finish to your installation.

Further information

For more detailed information and to see examples of our products in real-world applications, please visit our Gallery section. Here, you can explore our diverse range of projects and get inspired by the possibilities our products can offer.

Have a look at how our system compares in terms of safety against the standard system being used in South Africa.
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Next Level has gone through the balustrade codes and simplified it for you

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Marius Venter

Managing Director and Owner

Marius Venter has over 2 decades of experience in the frameless industry. He spent 6 years in the UK, learning his trade and qualifications through the GQA (Glass Qualification Authority). He returned back to South Africa to work with some of the leading glass and aluminum companies in Cape Town.

Diane Maris

I was extremely satisfied with and grateful for Marius’s work! He and his team advised me very well and the quality of their work was exemplary. My heartfelt thanks for his expert workmanship and highly professional work ethic. Highly recommended!

Etienne Zwiegelaar

Super nice experience, Warm greeting on arrival. Well educated on the safety and regulation requirements around glass balustrades. Definitely recommend Marius and his team for this specialised works. THANKS a million.

Bianca Fowkes

Thanks so much for my shower door I’m sooo excited it’s so beautiful. And your guys are super professional and so lovely. Well done! At least someone is doing a good job out there.

How thick should the glass be for balustrade installations?
Our balustrade systems support glass thicknesses ranging from 12mm to 31.52mm. The appropriate thickness depends on the specific application and safety requirements.
How can I see examples of your work?
You can visit our Gallery  section to see a range of completed projects and get inspired by the possibilities our products can offer.
Can your balustrade systems be used outdoors?
Absolutely. Our balustrade systems are designed to withstand various weather conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
How do I get a quote for a project?
You can contact us directly through our Contact  page to discuss your project details and get a customized quote.
What are the benefits of using your balustrade rail system?
Our imported balustrade rail system offers easy installation, no need for grouting or cement, built-in drainage holes, slimline design for maximum deck space, and it meets international safety standards.
Can I customize the design of my balustrade system?
Yes, we offer a variety of customization options to meet your specific design and functional needs. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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